if you need a London Plumber it's simple,call London Plumber! 020 8671 1414 or 07798 530 265
if you need a London Plumber it's simple,call London Plumber! 020 8671 1414 or 07798 530 265

Welcome to London Plumber Services.

Our company’s trade qualified plumbers are fully experienced at dealing with any plumbing situation. We will effectively diagnose the situation and quickly provide the appropriate solution to the problem. So, for all your plumbing needs, call London Plumber and we will be happy to sort it out.

Whether you have a leak, or a jammed stop- cock, our plumbers are ready and available to help. We will provide everything from complete bathroom installations to dishwasher / washing machine installation.

London Plumber biz   "it all in the name"        

"Whatever your needs, we've got it covered"

" there when you need us most"             

Plumbing Needs.                              


Burst pipes and leaks fixed

  • Pipe work repair and maintenance
  • Upgrades and planning of plumbing systems
  • Gas Central Heating system installations
  • Boiler repair and replacement
  • Elements and thermostats replaced or repaired
  • Mains water supply into any situation
  • Expansion vessels and unvented systems installation, maintenance and repair
  • W.C. macerator installations
  • Shower systems, Thermostatic, Electric, Pumped
  • Supply tanks, Immersion, Cold water storage, Feed, Expansion




"Everytime I have needed a plumber whether it is to fix a leak, change the boiler, unblock the sink or change taps, I have called London Plumber. They have provided a very reliable service for the last 5 years and have fixed my plumbing problems with ease and a smile. I recommend them to all and for any plumbing needs."

                         Howard, Islington



Plumbing Fixes in Dulwich and thereabouts

"Whatever your needs, we've got it covered"


We would like to thank all our clients for their continued support.




With winter fast approaching.The advice from London Plumber is to turn on your Central Heating on for a couple of minutes a week to keep the system primed for when you need it. This will help avoid nasty surprises when the chill arrives.   






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